Skin renewal with bipolar-hexapolar radiofrequency.

The Bipolar and Six-polar Radiofrequency (RF) of QUAD TM represent an excellent subcutaneous heating mode, that don’t depend on the prototype and is unidirectional, so it is controlled in the depth and in the treatment area, without chaotic dispersions.
The radiofrequency flow that go through the skin heat up the underlying tissue, especially the collagen and elastin fibres that represent the scaffolding of the skin and determine its flexibility and solidity.
This heating denature and break the collagen (collagenase), by activating the fibroblasts for the production of new collagen, with consequent tissue renewal (collagenase). So the derma is thicker and the skin tighter.
The RF produce a flux of microsollections between two electrodes. The monopolar RF has one electrode on the handpiece and one on the plate.

This type of electrical current go through all layers of tissue, also where the heating is not required, and is really painful.
The Bipolar RF has instead both electrodes on the handpiece so the depth is more controlled.
The skin rejuvenation QUADTM system, combine the RF transmission in derma in a specific, safe and reliably way:
it is equipped with two handpieces, Bipolar for the face and Six-polar TM for the body.
The Bipolar and Six-polar TM configuration distribute the energy in tissue in a controlled and advantageous way: indeed the two electrodes placed close and in contact with the skin offer the highest level of safety.
The limited concentration and penetration of energy in tissues, i.e. facial tissues, give the benefit of a safe, effective, long-lasting and virtually painless treatment.



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