The new integrated system of venous and lymphatic toning and drainage.

The particular waves that are created, are made from galvanic currents processed by a microprocessor, and are able to obtain simultaneously an electrophoretic transfer of penetration of active substances on the body, and a contraction of muscle bands able to give tone to the muscle. The proteins from the blood capillaries accumulate on the interstitial tissue and increase in volume by attracting water, because they not allow their reabsorption through the Lymphatic System.

The electronic system, thanks to the electrolysis process, is able to break up the protein one more time until it is reduced to the original size, allowing it to get back in the lymphatic system. There is extensive medical documentation on this subject, published on the “Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery”, that confirm the validity and reliability of this treatment at medical-science level. For an appropriate lymphatic drainage it is necessary to make a massage to remove both the liquid and the protein component of the oedema. With the system we patented, through the mechanical stimulation of the Lejars venous sole, suitable for any feet conformation and that perfectly simulates the foot movement during the step, the liquid overload of the venous system is eliminated in a complete, scientifically correct and documented manner.

It activate the Lejars foot venous pump, as it happens during the step, by a pneumatic compression system. It is known that inside the foot sole there is a natural pump called Lejars venous sole, that in nature is activated by the foot support on the ground. Too often shoes not suitable for the foot structure seriously compromise the natural functioning of the venous sole. It facilitate the lymph mobilisation toward the lymph nodes and the transfer of proteins in the lymphatic system from the interstitial spaces to the inside of vessels with an ionic transfer system. It strengthen and tone the tissues thanks to the dynamic muscle movement caused by the electronic stimulus generated by a microprocessor; of gradual intensity, adjustable on a case by case basis on the desired value in a completely automatic way.

So we obtained the complete stimulation of the two main pumps of the human limb, more precisely the Lejars venous sole and the calf muscle pump, thanks to the perfect synergy between the two systems present on the device: “pneumatic and electronic”. The application of energy to the bands creates a polarity in the lower part of the body through the bandage of lower limbs, and another one in the upper body, so as to distribute the energy by following the natural route of human lymphatic blood vessels. So we can say that the electrons travel on two different directions created by the bands: from bottom to top and vice versa.



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