Carboxytherapy with LTC technology.

CARBOREX administers subcutaneously and intradermally medical carbon dioxide through microinjections.
In CARBOREX a specific software manage the gas supply; the gas is insert subcutaneously in a controlled way with reduced dosages and delivery times.

In the carboxytherapy the carbon dioxide (CO2) is employed for therapeutic purpose, it is administer subcutaneously in the gaseous state. The use of carbon dioxide for therapeutic purpose dates back to 1930, at the Royat spa in France.
Over the years the number of patients treated in this spa has increased gradually (in 1994 were treated 20’000 arteriopathic patients).

Such a large number of patients is an implicit validation both of therapeutic efficacy and safety of the method. A recent statistical survey carried out nationally by the French Ministry of Health have stressed the importance of this therapy both if used alone and if used as coadjuvant of the traditional drug therapies.
Numerous works, both experimental and clinical, have highlighted that thanks to the extreme diffusibility (from 20 to 25 times that of oxygen), the CO2 reach not only the subcutaneous circle ( that is important in the PEFS) but also the muscular one (that is important in the treatment of arterial diseases).



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